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Dynamic Pricing

By definition, dynamic means “constant change.” At Providence Golf Club we prefer to view dynamic as “progress.” This process will allow golf rates to be adjusted – both lower and higher – in real-time, based on demand, availability and other changing factors. While this style of pricing may be new to the game of golf, airlines, hotels and now even your favorite sports teams have been utilizing this pricing strategy for years.

With rates changing daily, Dynamic Pricing gives you the ability to choose the BEST rate for you, at the BEST time for you, on the BEST day for you. Please note, all rates below are specials that are only available when booked online.

Loyalty golfers that book the Loyalty rate must have an activated Providence Rewards Card to receive Loyalty rate. If you have a Rewards card and others in your group do not they will not receive the loyalty rate but they will be offered the online rate instead.

If you have an existing account please use that to sign in below to book a tee time


Providence Rewards Card Program

Providence Rewards Card is Complimentary Card

You sign up in the golf shop at no charge.

Rewards Card may offer lower rates or higher rewards

that are earned with some Golf fees and F&B sales.

Rewards are redeemable at any time by December 31st every year.